Who AM I?


I am an independent journalist. I have spent over a decade in newsrooms. Writing for B2B SaaS and fintech brands is my other area of interest. I also write about it in my blog section.

I just fell into the beautiful trap of writing after high school. I finished my college education in creative writing and journalism. 

Do you want to turn thoughts and data into insight through words? I can help! As a journalist, I can understand your need better than any other writer. Let’s work together.

Why Should We Work Together?

Do you know content is the key to scaling your business?

I will help you create SEO-friendly blogs that will hook and retain the visitor and rank your website.

I will write a compelling copy for you that will drive your customers to take some action with my experience and knowledge.

My Core Values

I am thorough professional. My core values include writing fact checked, data-driven, and engaging content that can generate traffic and conversions for you.